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Tree Appeal - Planting trees in UK schools and woodland on behalf of your business

Trees are the longest-lived organisms in the world. They provide homes and food for innumerable species of birds, mammals and insects. By planting trees today we are ensuring the survival of species threatened by habitat loss, maintaining the ecosystems on which our lives depend and safeguarding our ecological heritage for future generations. Your business can play a crucial part - find out how.

Trees for Schools What Tree Appeal can do for your business

Protecting our ecological heritage for us and future generations

We need to act now to secure the future of our woodlands. Over the last 50 years nearly half of the UK's ancient, semi-natural woodland has been cleared or converted to commercial plantations. Our destruction of UK woodland habitat during the last century has seen more than one hundred species of animals become extinct. Many more are on the endangered list. Nearly a fifth of Britain's wild plants and flowers are under threat. We can start to turn things round by planting trees.

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Tree Appeal partners

If you are looking for ethical companies that have made a commitment to the environment, a great place to start is with our Tree Appeal Partners

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