Tree Appeal Partner


Through its corporate partnership with Tree Appeal, Novatia funds the planting of native broadleaved trees across the UK. Tree Appeal also operates the Trees for Schools campaign which links tree planting to environmental education.

Novatia's activities in the Education sector means that we are a strong advocate for Trees for Schools and we want the trees we fund to be planted where they directly benefit the schools we work with.

Our support for Tree Appeal isn't just about neutralising Novatia's carbon emissions and educating future generations, it's also a direct response to the deforestation threat to our natural habitats and the biodiversity they support.

Novatia's Tree Appeal Goal

Please help us achieve our goal of planting more than 100 trees this year. We will plant enough trees to make every consultancy assignment carbon neutral, donate trees to the schools we work with and help schools use ICT to monitor climate change and tree growth.

About Novatia Education

Novatia Education is one of two consulting arms under the Novatia umbrella, specialising in Educational, Technical and Procurement consultancy for the Academy, BSF, College and Primary school sectors. The other Novatia practice specialises in IT Performance Management for local and central government, retail and utilities. Small Company, Big Values