Places on the Wildside

Places on the Wildside are biodiversity sites situated in a vast range of locations nationwide. An expanding number of business sites are signing up to have their land recognised as a Place on the Wildside, but Wildside locations can be greatly varied, ranging from farms, quarries, hotels and even pub gardens.

These sites have been specifically sidelined for environmental activity, where biodiversity can safely thrive. Often there has been a programme of tree planting, with a mixture of trees, shrubs and hedges gradually beginning to establish. The sites require very little maintenance and develop organically to allow wildflower meadows to form and Mother Nature to act according to whim. Many Places on the Wildside use nesting boxes and feeders to attract birds, including summer visitors such as blackcaps and chiff chaffs, but the sites are also an exciting hunting ground for kestrels and sparrowhawks. As they grow and flourish, Places of the Wildside establish themselves as enviable habitats for other forms of wildlife, providing shelter for amphibians, insects and small mammals.

Companies who are lucky enough to have a Place on the Wildside frequently maximise the benefits of their sites by making them accessible as a learning resource to local schoolchildren. A regional branch of global technology company 3M invited a class of pupils from a nearby school to help them plant one hundred native broadleaved saplings in their factory grounds and they actively encourage the children to return to their site to monitor the trees as they grow. This is a fantastic way for companies to include the future generation in their environmental activities and to make the local community aware of their commitment to corporate social responsibility.

It is reassuring to know that as the staff of these sites go about their daily work, there is a hive of biodiversity activity happening right outside their windows. Companies with a Place on the Wildside demonstrate that with a spare patch of land and a little imagination, businesses can make the most of their resources, effortlessly strengthening existing eco-systems and creating new wildlife havens.

See pictures from our planting day with Aycliffe Primary School at 3m's Place on the Wildside

See pictures from our planting day with Hedworthfield Primary School, Jarrow at Harlow Print's Wildlife Garden. The trees were sponsored by ITC.

See pictures from our planting day with Newbottle Primary School at Holiday Inn, Washington

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