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A roundup of the planting season

31,350 trees, 220 schools

This planting season we had to contend with all the Covid-19 restrictions but despite all that we have had better than average numbers. 31,350 saplings have been planted between November and the end of April. More than 200 schools took part plus a selection of conservation groups like the Wildlife Trust. Read all about it here.

Making a difference

Tree planting makes for lasting and beneficial changes. Since 2005, more than 480,000 Tree Appeal saplings have been planted in thousands of schools. Read about how one of those schools turned a field into a woodland.

Santander tree planting day Tree Appeal logo

What can Tree Appeal do for your business? Read about the benefits of a corporate partnership.

School tree planting day Trees for Schools

Would you like some free trees for your school? Apply here.

Tree Appeal - Planting trees to create wildlife habitats, combat climate change and make a greener world.

10th Anniversary of Tree AppealTree Appeal plants trees throughout the British Isles, mostly in schools but also in woodland and nature reserves. They are paid for by our corporate sponsors - there is no cost to to the schools that receive them.

Read about the first ten years of Tree Appeal.

Trees are the longest-lived organisms in the world. They provide homes and food for innumerable species of birds, mammals and insects. By planting trees today we are ensuring the survival of species threatened by habitat loss, maintaining the ecosystems on which our lives depend and safeguarding our ecological heritage for future generations. With tree planting your business can play a crucial part - find out how.

Tree TwinningTree Twinning is our initiative for extending the benefits of tree planting to developing countries. Through Tree Twinning you can opt to match every tree planted in the UK with another in Africa. Your first 'twin' tree is planted in one of our UK locations for all the environmental, biodiversity and social benefits that Tree Appeal champions. Your other 'twin' is planted in Africa, giving some of the poorest communities in the world the resources they need to fight poverty and become self reliant. Read more.