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Bedrock 42

Bedrock 42 websiteBedrock 42 helps companies improve their conversion rates, lower acquisition costs and increase revenue through a/b testing and improved data collection.

Analytic/Customer Experience Strategy & Implementation

Understanding your customer's pain points and fixing them is by far the best method of growing your business. If you're not collecting the correct data Bedrock 42 can work with your key stakeholders to nail down a strategy and implementation.

Data Analysis, Dashboards and Insights

Bedrock 42 uses a tried and tested methodology of insight generation to help identify those golden nuggets. They combine customer research and quantitative data to identify the biggest opportunities on your site.

CRO Roadmap and Testing Facilitation

Creating a test and learn culture doesn't just happen overnight, it takes hard work. Bedrock 42 have helped train teams in the CRO methodology and will help support your team to achieve results you've never dreamed of.

So far, in 2020, Bedrock 42 have sponsored plantings in the following locations:

Kings Priory School, NE30 4LS

25 trees

Cattersty Gill - Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, TS12 3BZ

25 trees

Holmwood Special Primary, TS4 3PT

25 trees

St Vincent's VC Academy, HU5 2QR

25 trees

To find out more about Bedrock 42, please visit their website: