Tree Appeal Partner

The staff and families of CMA CGM, Delmas, MacAndrews & CMA Ships

Over the past two years, Tree Appeal has planted over two thousand trees at West London Academy in Northolt.  Some of these saplings were sponsored by the staff and families of CMA CGM, Delmas, MacAndrews & CMA Ships and on a pleasant day in June, representatives from the companies took the time to visit the school and help plant some of their saplings.

During the visit, Steve Smith from CMA helped the Tree Appeal team and Professor David Bellamy, as well as staff and students from West London Academy, plant 15 trees.

Staff members who have contributed at least one whole tree each include:

Gary Poole
Del Williams
Julia Hobley
Christine Lawson
Dan Foley
Shirley Rice
Collette Diaper
Graham Fraser
Anita Hannah
Elizabeth Dowd
Anita Cullen
Phil Clarke
Kelly Roscoe
Debbie Joyce
Barbara Hope
Geraldine Myers
Jim Croucher
Claire Reilly
Lorraine Rice
Chris Rosario
Sally Gee
Kate Butler
Ian Platt
Denise Bi
Richie Sutherland
Amanda Unsworth
Terry Bebington
Arlene Jones
Cathy Gardner
Gill Davies
Bernie Nugent
Jonathan Mason
George Lowe
Debbie Young
Carol Crichton
Malcolm Gray
Doreen Hendry
Fraser Houston
Jim Daly
Robert Whinnery
Xavier Destriau
Peter Fiorini
Jean Ashton
Andy Mcquillan
Ian Hamill
Ian Bassett

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