Tree Appeal Partner

Courtyard Group

Consultants from Courtyard Group and their friends planted hundreds of trees during their team-building day at Nyn Manor Farm, Hertfordshire in March 2009

Courtyard is an international healthcare transformation company that is unlike any other firm. Our more than 150 person team is on a singular mission to transform healthcare. We do not lose sight of our mission over business goals. We're in healthcare to save lives and we’re in it for the long haul. Healthcare is our sole focus - it’s all we do. It's that simple.

Courtyard was born out of a need to make a difference – it is part of our being, and has been since the very beginning. Passion for making change is not a jacket that we hang in the closet and put on when we come to work. It is the suit we live in, and it never comes off.

So how does a passionate spark become an international mission? Appropriate to our namesake, it all began in a courtyard. A small group of like-minded healthcare professionals - a doctor, a businessman, a lawyer, an informatics specialist - sat in an inner-city courtyard and tossed around ideas about what the healthcare landscape could look like – what it should look like. They unleashed their pioneering spirit and addressed a need - a healthcare-only need – to make a difference, to make a change, to gather unique, passionate leaders and to set out on a mission focused on one specific goal – to transform healthcare.

The essence of those early, spontaneous courtyard dialogues now reverberates on a much larger stage. Today, Courtyard is an international healthcare transformation company with practices in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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