Tree Appeal Partner


Welcome to the EvoEnergy partner page! At Evo, we are here to help businesses and households save money, save the environment and give them peace of mind by helping them invest in energy technology. Our multi-award winning service has been delivered up and down the country by regional teams since 2007.

We have installed solar PV on over 6,000 homes and hundreds of businesses all over the UK from a small 4 kWp domestic system up to a multi-megawatt array on a commercial roof top; we have experience installing systems of all sizes and across all sectors.

Our consultancy based approach to energy technology has helped us become one of the largest independent installers in the UK. Our market leading design and innovation is just part of our integrated inhouse service that also includes finance, project management, installation and an exclusive range of energy products.

In addition to solar PV, we also offer a comprehensive operation and maintenance package available to both Evo and non-Evo customers with solar PV. Furthermore, we also offer an LED lighting service with customers generally seeing payback after just 2.5 years through energy bill savings.

Our ‘Green Mile’ campaign

Although our service helps others meet their own CSR targets, we wanted to launch a campaign that further complimented our commitment to helping the environment and teach future generations about the importance of sustainability.

Consequently, we have set ourselves a target of planting the equivalent of one linear mile of trees in the UK this year, which we have conveniently named ‘the green mile’.

Our progress is directly influenced by the number of installations we complete in 2015; for every 10 kWp we install (roughly 40 panels) we are providing the funds to Tree Appeal to plant one tree.

To chart our ongoing progress, visit the EvoEnergy website.