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Expression for Growth

Expression for Growth was established in 2000, and since then we have become known for our passion, credibility and outstanding facilitation, whatever the solution being delivered. We are proud of what has been achieved, are gifted with an extraordinary set of clients, and have a premier league facilitation team that are a credit to what we stand for.

Our portfolio is ever increasing both in quantity and breadth, and our solutions have been successfully applied across a wide range of disciplines and industries. From banking to pharmaceuticals, FMCG to publishing, and engineering to power generation.

Our business strategy sees us continuing to develop our client relationships. We have ambitious plans to strengthen our business base and systems, to evolve, grow and maintain our acknowledged edge.

Areas of expertise

Expression for Growth’s bespoke solutions are divided into three distinct business areas; self & team, leadership, and commercial. Building strong and enduring relationships with customers is a vital factor for success, this is why Expression for Growth’s extensive experience in communication is core to our bespoke solutions.

This is supported by the opportunity to use profiling tools and 360° instruments. Underpinning these solutions is our understanding of the complexities and challenges around the implementation of training solutions in the real world.

Our training philosophy

Our purpose in life and business is to Inspire, Enable and Support, and we are confident that an Expression for Growth 'experience' will stay with all participants, as demonstrated by our track record. We recognise the need to deliver training that sticks.

This is delivered through a combination of the best available resources, incorporating both team and individual exercises to embed the learning, time for reflection, and a unique combination of listening and doing. This creates an environment that maximises the learning potential of each participant moulded to their individual needs.

Our business

Our true passion for seeing others grow means that Expression for Growth stands out in the learning and development field. We achieve the development of others through a deep understanding of personal and commercial needs, Inspiring, Enabling and Supporting growth for individuals and across teams.

We work with you, and our relationship is based on the impact our solutions have on your people and organisation. Our success is reflected by our high profile, multi-national client list, our high percentage of repeat business, and the fact that our client acquisition generally happens through recommendation.