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Highland Titles

Highland Titles offers a unique opportunity for you to buy a plot of land on our estate in the Highlands of Scotland. We sell plots ranging in size from 1 square foot to 1000 square foot, and by Scottish tradition, ownership of this estate legally allows you, or someone you love, to use the courtesy title of Laird, Lord or Lady. Many of our customers choose to update their driving licence, credit cards and such like to reflect their new status.

Our smallest plots measure 1 square foot and are available from just £29.99 ($49.99 or €35.99). We will provide you with a plot number from our professionally surveyed estate and a grid reference so you can visit your land. You can use the documents we send you to obtain a title that is recognised worldwide and was once the preserve of the Scottish landed gentry.

We provide you with all of the legal documents you need in order to update your various forms of identification, if you wish to do so. We only sell plots of land - making use of your new legal entitlement is entirely your decision. Some people are just happy to own a wee piece of Scotland to celebrate their Scottish heritage or confirm their love of the country.

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