Tree Appeal Partner

Jigsaw Play Structures

JIGSAW's designs are packed with creative ideas that children love such as escape hatches, sliding spy holes in doors, rock climbing walls, bridges, letter boxes etc sparking the imagination and encouraging kids to turn off their TVs, game consoles and computers and go outside to play!

Jigsaw has built its reputation on quality, safety, innovation and value for money. They make it amazing to look at and strong enough for the whole family to play on, developing not only their physical abilities but also their mind and social skills as well.

JIGSAW’s commitment to safety is second to none. Every part of the design from planning through to completion puts children’s safety first and foremost.

Incorporating a tower into each play structure is the design starting point giving kids height and many ways up and down. Enclosed, the tower then becomes a den making it home from home, a place to call their own, a place to invite friends and hang out.

JIGSAW believe that children deserve the best, making play days of today become wonderful memories for tomorrow.

Using timber and materials from sustainable sources (FSC Certified), JIGSAW are very mindful of environmental concerns. JIGSAW will not only be planting trees but also pledge to donate, in conjunction with Tree Appeal, at least one play structure every year to a worthwhile project. This year they have created a special play structure which is being shipped to Ghana as part of the celebrations for the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade.

JIGSAW was founded by Alan Wilkinson, a professional craftsman. A father himself, Alan understands that our ever increasingly busy lifestyles and lack of public facilities require the need to encourage and enable children to play in a safe and imaginative environment which challenges and stimulates. "In my day our only constraints on outside play were to be home before dark. Children today don’t have quite as much freedom and they cannot wander off unaccompanied. The family garden is the safe haven. The play structure becomes an outdoor playroom, which complements the garden year on year, whatever the weather. Designing and building a playstructure in my back garden for my daughter seemed the perfect solution, somewhere she could let off steam with her friends or just go to draw or play games. I loved it and so did my daughter - the idea for JIGSAW was born!"