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Musique Complète

Musique Complète plans and manages music for corporate, private and public events. These events include weddings, dinner parties, award ceremonies, conferences, festivals and more. Additionally we are able to advise on, source and manage, non-musical components of events such as venues, catering, flowers and photography, should you require. 

John Hoare formed Musique Complète in 2011 in order to meet a growing demand for the planning and managing of music for corporate, private and public events. This demand grew organically off the back of his other work in the music industry.

John has an extensive network of musicians to draw from, having spent almost 20 years as a professional trumpet player. Musique Complète does not keep performers on their books like a regular music agency but rather they listen to exactly what you want and go out and source it.

"I believe in doing business ethically and at all times actively seek to offset any environmental damage caused through my business. "  John Hoare - Managing Director