Tree Appeal Partner

Solo Managed Services

Pictures from the Churchend Primary School in Tilehurst with SOLO and their client Thames Water

SOLO will plant one tree for every 20,000 items mailed by their customers.

SOLO Managed Services is a mailing house with a conscience. As well as planting a tree for every 20,000 pieces of mail they send on behalf of their clients, SOLO promotes smaller more targeted mailings to reduce waste.

"Mail smaller and smarter" is the message from SOLO Managed Services. SOLO promotes highly targeted mailshots to its clients and according to Sue Owen, MD of SOLO "the message is being well received".

"We’re always looking for ways to produce less waste and fewer unwanted mail items" she comments. "We work with our clients to help them achieve the highest possible return on their direct mail by looking very carefully at who they are mailing and the impact their campaign might have".

In addition to reducing their carbon footprint through purchasing and operational changes, SOLO is helping customers to reduce their own impact by offsetting some of the carbon emissions generated by each mailing. "We fully support the efforts of Tree Appeal and hope that we can help them to make a difference" said Sue.

SOLO is a small mailing house with individuals rather than machines handling packaging and assembly tasks. They claim that their method is better because "we provide local jobs and the kind of flexibility that machine production simply can’t match". This grassroots approach has also allowed SOLO to adopt green policies very quickly and they see their work with Tree Appeal just one of a host of eco-initiatives the company is undertaking.

"There is so little we can do as individuals to impact the effects of climate change" said Sue Owen. "We’re simply doing what we can and encouraging others to join us. Tree Appeal has helped us to raise our awareness of the issues and to make our customers aware that they too can make a choice for positive change".

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