Tree Appeal Partner


Studiowide plant ten trees for every e-commerce or web development solution they deliver.

Studiowide offer a full suite of marketing and design services specifically targeted to help small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s) find new ways to connect with customers. We use our chartered marketers to strategise with our clients, helping to guide them through their markets. We also deliver the day-to-day tactical marketing communications to provide a complete service package.

Through this holistic approach, our clients can achieve professional campaign efforts at a much lower cost to them. Companies who are ready to begin marketing and have something to say, then we have the creative talent, technical knowledge and breadth of resources to say it in the most engaging way possible.

We are committed to reducing the consumption of our resources and making a positive contribution to natural woodland habitats at every opportunity. Part of our day-to-day work involves helping our retail clients turn their high street shop into an online presence, through our web development work and e-commerce solutions.

When a retailer re-positions themselves and starts to offer their products online they are helping customers in the reduction of their secondary carbon footprint. It is our desire to impact this further, allowing an even greater differentiation for our clients by planting ten trees on their behalf, for each e-commerce or web development solution that we offer. This allows our clients to make the environment integral to their business activities and to make a long term ecological commitment to the future of our planet.

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