Tree Appeal Partner


Offsite building specialist Terrapin has launched a fresh drive towards zero carbon building with a tree planting programme, through Tree Appeal, to offset CO2 emissions by delivery lorries from its factory at Milton Keynes. The company’s market-leading offsite solutions for a wide range of building needs are already among the greenest available – and the tree planting initiative makes for even more environment friendly project solutions.

Terrapin Sales and Marketing Director Richard Macdonald says Terrapin endorses the Tree Appeal organisation’s view that planting trees makes a very real contribution to the environment. “We’ve proved that we’re ‘carbon-lean’, producing energy efficient building systems in a minimum waste, minimum carbon process specifically designed for streamlining construction on site. And we make far fewer deliveries to site than traditional building methods. This new tree planting initiative will totally offset the carbon produced by the deliveries we do make,” he says.

Terrapin gives customers three choices for planting the trees. “We calculate how many trees are needed and then we either plant the trees on your site, or on a site that you nominate – such as a local school. Alternatively, we’ll get Tree Appeal to plant your trees at one of its sites across the UK.”

Terrapin recently undertook a new nursery building in Reading. “We calculate that this project’s 20 round trips by lorry between our factory and Reading will produce  about 6,000kg of carbon emissions. So we plan to offset this by planting enough trees to absorb that amount of carbon over the trees’ expected lifespan of 100 years,” says Richard Macdonald.

The delivery miles carbon offsetting initiative follows Terrapin’s recent campaign to boost environmental awareness in the Milton Keynes area by offering trees to local schools in partnership with Tree Appeal’s Trees for Schools programme. A hundred trees are being planted to offset carbon generated by visitors to Terrapin’s stand at Futurebuild.

Terrapin is a privately owned company and is one of the UK’s leaders in offsite construction. It has been expanding the potential of Modern Methods of Construction since 1949 and now offers a range of complementary MMC technologies that can be used individually or combined to create bespoke building solutions for every application; panel based technology, volumetric design technology and steel framed, element build technology.

Terrapin is the first company to be accredited under Buildoffsite’s new supplier registration scheme operated by Lloyd’s Register. The scheme standardises all aspects of the offsite process and ensures best practice, offering clients confidence in the assured levels of competence, methodology and safe working of the accredited supplier.