Tree Appeal Partner

Premex Group

Premex Group is a unique outsource organisation offering a vast array of services from medical reporting to arranging nurse visits for life insurance.

In addition to being the industry leading medical report provider through Premex Services, Premex Group has diversified into associated markets with the acquisitions of Accuro (providing digital transcription services), 3D (providing underwriting and claims management services) and through the launch of Insight, a claims investigation business.

All accumulative businesses enable Premex Group to deliver a unique ‘one stop shop’ solution to the market place with Premex Group offering all of the following services:

At Premex we understand that we have a role to play and a responsibility towards the communities and environment that we operate within. Supporting the plantation of 400 trees in our first year, we have also changed to FSC accredited letter headed paper and where possible, facilitated the mitigation of all our harmful behaviour.

See pictures from our planting day at Rivington and Blackrod High School, Bolton

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