Tree Appeal Partner

Spafax Mirrors

Spafax is the inventor and manufacturer of the world’s best selling range of unbreakable commercial vehicle mirrors, specifically engineered for longevity and guaranteed against lens breakage for ten years.

Green Product = Spafax Mirrors

Not just a sound economic choice, a Spafax mirror is also by definition the right environmental choice. Unbreakable, a Spafax mirror can last the life of a vehicle and beyond. A glass mirror can last minutes, being replaced repeatedly, a burden to the operator to say nothing of the environment. By choosing a Spafax mirror in place of a breakable glass alternative, you are supporting our proactive green initiatives and actively helping the environment

As a manufacturer, we are increasingly aware of our environmental responsibilities. Whilst we constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact, we cannot escape the fact that, for the time being, our products are largely derived from oil-based raw materials. Rather than ignore this, we are actively engaged in researching alternative materials from sustainable sources and recycling initiatives, which in conjunction with our carbon offsetting programme, will enable us to quickly achieve carbon neutral status.

Green Thinking = A Greener Approach

To emphasise our environmental awareness, rather than just paying lip service to it, Spafax is an active partner of the Tree Appeal. Tree Appeal plants trees on our behalf to promote biodiversity, creating habitats and improving the environment. Spafax plants trees to make a positive and ongoing contribution to the environment, whilst offsetting our carbon emissions.

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