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Planting season 2020/2021

31,350 trees, 220 schools

This planting season we had to contend with all the Covid-19 restrictions but despite all that we have had better than average numbers. 31,350 saplings have been planted between November and the end of April. More than 200 schools took part plus a selection of conservation groups like the Wildlife Trust.

All the trees were native broad leaf species which are grown in the UK. These are the species which are known to best promote biodiversity. Most are 'cell-grown whips' - small saplings between 0.5m and 1m in height. They are very easy to plant and we always encourage schools to get the children themselves doing the planting.

We've covered most of the UK with locations as far afield as Ballymena in Antrim, Yell in the Shetlands, Exeter in Devon and Ipswich in Essex. Since the beginning of the year we've not been able to send any trees to Northern Ireland because of the Brexit Protocol preventing the movement of live plants. We are really hoping there will be a sensible solution for this in time for the new planting season this autumn.

We already have lots of applications for the autumn so if you would like some free saplings for your school now is the time. As always, there is absolutely no cost to the schools for these trees which are paid for by our amazing corporate sponsors.

Finally, here is a gallery of some of the pictures kindly sent in by some hard working tree planters:

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  • Kidstreeplanting
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