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Planting day at Seven Acres Local Nature Reserve, Bolton

May 2007 sponsored the planting of trees at Seven Acres. The reserve is managed by the Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside.

Seven Acres Local Nature Reserve is a diverse site with around 10 different habitat types including heathland, acid grassland, open water and broad-leaved woodland.

The site is bisected by Bradshaw Brook which flows from Jumbles Country Park. Bradshaw Brook has a rich diversity of flora and fauna and species of note include Water Crowfoot, Kingfisher and Dipper.

On the southern border of the site are two old millponds, one of which has recently been re-installed and one of which is due to be de-silted.

Work on the site is currently being coordinated between the Trust, Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council and Bolton Countryside Service.

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