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FitFlop planting day at Cedars ManorPlanting day at Cedars Manor School, Harrow

April 2017

Footwear company FitFlop visited Cedars Manor School in Harrow to help plant trees in the school grounds. Pupils, staff and representatives of FitFlop helped to plant native broad leaf trees to create wildlife habitats and encourage biodiversity. 100 saplings, including Dogwood, Rowan, Oak, Hawthorn and Downy Birch all grown in England from collected seed, were planted along the edge of the playing field to create hedgerow. The school is in the middle of a major rebuild and the intention is to plant many more trees once the development is complete.

Cedars Manor is larger than the average primary school. Its Early Years Foundation Stage provision includes two Nursery and three Reception classes. Pupils come from a broad range of social and cultural backgrounds. The proportion of pupils who speak English as an additional language is well above the national average. Cedars Manor School takes pride in its multi-cultural community and believes that all children can be encouraged to do their best and succeed.

The children gained hands-on experience of how trees are planted and learnt how important trees are to the world in which we live. The new saplings will provide a perfect habitat for wildlife, promoting biodiversity and preserving the natural environment.

FitFlop has teamed up with Carbon Footprint as part of their carbon management programme and with Tree Appeal, having planted more than 5000 trees in schools so far, demonstrating their continued commitment to environmental education and their aim of reducing their impact on the natural world.

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