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Planting day at Chingford CofE Federated Schools

October 2014

Payment services company Bacs made a return visit to Chingford CofE Federated Schools to help plant trees in the school grounds. Exactly a year after their first planting day, pupils, staff and representatives of Bacs helped to plant a new hedge to create wildlife habitats and encourage biodiversity. More than 200 Green Beech saplings, all grown in England from collected seed, were planted to crete a barrier between the school playing fields and the nearby railway.

Chingford C of E Infant & Junior School place the educational needs and welfare of their pupils above all other considerations. Each child is valued for the uniqueness of their abilities and their individual personality. The children gained hands-on experience of how trees are planted and learnt how important trees are to the world in which we live. The new saplings will provide a perfect habitat for wildlife, promoting biodiversity and preserving the natural environment.

Bacs has teamed up with Carbon Footprint as part of their carbon management programme and with Tree Appeal, planting native broadleaf trees in schools. Bacs is sponsoring the planting of these 200 trees at Chingford, demonstrating their continued commitment to environmental education and their aim of reducing their impact on the natural world.

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