Star Clippers Eco-Aware Cruise to Costa Rica with David Bellamy

December 2011

Tall ship sailing specialist Star Clippers has sponsored the planting of 200 trees as part of its on-going programme of environmentally responsible activities. The trees were planted to mark the occasion of a cruise along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica on the 170-passenger Star Flyer in December 2011, in the company of legendary botanist, David Bellamy.

During the voyage, Bellamy talked with guests about the environment and ecology and accompanied them on shore-based excursions.

Star Clippers’ contribution includes 100 trees in Britain and 100 in Africa as part of Tree Appeal's Tree Twinning initiative.

This latest initiative is just one element of Star Clippers’ conservation activities. In other efforts, the company’s flagship, Royal Clipper, carries an on-board marine biologist who organises volunteering excursions for guests in the Caribbean, working with local charities to clean up beaches throughout the region. The marine biologist also performs an educational role, delivering lectures on the environment and escorting dives, snorkelling tours and beach walks. For the November to March Costa Rica season, a local naturalist is permanently on board Star Flyer, offering educational talks on the environment.

Star Clippers’ three tall ships are by nature the greenest way to sail; each is fully rigged and operates under wind power up to 70 per cent of the time, thus minimising use of the auxiliary engines. All three ships use very pure, high-quality low-sulphur gas oil, for which Star Clippers has been awarded the International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate. And all three ships’ crews operate on a ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ policy, while only eco-friendly, biodegradable products are used for cleaning on board.

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