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Planting day at Dumpton School, Wimborne

October 2014

Dumpton School in Wimborne, was visited by representatives of skills and training company Paragon to help the pupils and staff plant trees in the school grounds. The trees were all native British species such as Hornbeam, Oak, Hawthorn, Hazel, Wild Cherry and Birch, all grown in England from collected seed.

Dumpton aims to educate children in a safe, supportive, caring environment, within a framework of family and Christian values, stressing the importance of teamwork and mutual respect at all times. Rule number one is ‘Treat others as you would like them to treat you’. All children are expected and encouraged to fulfil their potential. The children had an opportunity to gain hands-on experience of how trees are planted and to learn how important trees are to the world in which we live.

The new saplings which were planted will provide a perfect habitat for wildlife, promoting biodiversity and preserving the natural environment. Paragon have teamed up with Carbon Footprint as part of their carbon management programme and with Tree Appeal, planting native broadleaf trees in schools. Paragon are sponsoring the planting of more than 100 trees at Dumpton School, demonstrating a commitment to environmental education and their aim of reducing their impact on the natural world.

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