Trees sponsored by

Planting day at St Oswald’s Junior School, Guiseley

June 2008

St Oswald’s Junior School in Guiseley received their share of the 50,000 trees pledged by and gained expert tree-planting knowledge from Professor Bellamy himself!

"For many years all of our paper has been sourced from well managed forests," said Jamie Hardie of Leeds Centre "And this shows how we can go one step further by making a serious and tangible contribution to the environment. We are really proud of our contribution – with the support of our customers we’re donating 20 to 30 trees per month."

Professor Bellamy, patron of Tree Appeal, said, ' are making a brilliant effort right across the country with their 50,000 Tree Appeal target. Today they really got stuck in, planting those trees and helping create new homes for lots of lovely birds and bugs and butterflies. And best of all, the children of St Oswald's School will be here to watch the wildlife move in!'

Alex Macintosh, Year 3 teacher in charge of school environment said, ‘It’s been a lovely day – the children have learned so much from Professor Bellamy about how important it is to look after their environment here at school. And it’s great to have a local business like that cares about the environment and supports education.'

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