Trees sponsored by

Planting day at Oakwood School, Chichester

May 2012

Oakwood School in Chichester has been visited by representatives of Havant based company Pfizer to help plant trees in the school grounds. The tree planting is part of the school’s centenary celebrations. Pupils both past and present will help to plant the saplings which include English Oak, Field Maple, Silver Birch, Cherry and Crab Apple.

Pfizer have now planted over 1000 trees in schools, demonstrating their commitment to environmental education and their aim of reducing their impact on the natural world.

Oakwood school is dedicated to environmental education and the children will be encouraged to take ownership of the trees and be responsible for their ongoing care.

The trees form part of Oakwood's Centenary Copse, a project started in February to form a lasting commemoration of the school's 100 year anniversary. The copse will eventually become a shady and beautiful area for the children to play in, with seasonal colour and blossom, and Mrs Sarah Mayhead, who is co-ordinating the school centenary celebrations is particularly pleased that some of the children have been involved in the planting: "The children will have the chance to watch the copse grow and develop and it's lovely that they helped to create it. Their efforts this morning will be appreciated by generations of Oakwood pupils to come!"

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