Trees sponsored by
Marchant Manufacturing

Planting day at Russell Lower School, Ampthill

November 2009

The pupils of Russell Lower School in Ampthill turned out in strength to help Professor David Bellamy plant some new sapling trees in their school grounds. All 173 children joined Professor Bellamy in the school grounds to plant the trees sponsored by Marchant Manufacturing.

Marchant, working with Mid Beds Council and bioplastics firm Stanelco, provide compostable bags for food waste and are seeking to make their green product even greener by contributing to environmental projects in schools.

The trees at Russell Lower have been planted in two locations in the school grounds; one line of trees forms a curve that will grow to create shady spot within the play area and another line follows the path leading up to the school buildings.

Head teacher Jane Sealey said, ‘We (the children and adults alike) had a wonderful time! One of our pupils when asked about what he thought of the day gave the reply..... 'Perfect!' It sums up the day really… When we ask the children at the end of the year or at the end of their time here, what they have enjoyed/liked at Russell, it is experiences like this that they remember. I have had extremely positive feedback from the parents and there are even comments on the local Ampthill website that are shouting from the rooftops about the visit! We feel privileged to have been part of the day.’

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