Trees sponsored by
GI Solutions Group
With the support of

Planting day at Samworth Enterprise Academy, Leicester

November 2014

Samworth Enterprise Academy was visited by representatives of marketing services company GI Solutions Group to help the pupils and staff plant trees in the school grounds. The trees are all native British species such as Oak, Beech, Rowan, Silver Birch, Wild Cherry and Hazel, all grown in England from collected seed.

The Samworth Enterprise Academy is an inclusive, aspirational school for the local community. The care, guidance and support provided is outstanding and is aimed at ensuring that every child feels safe, supported and cared for while at school. Through their specialism of Business and Enterprise they are determined to provide pupils with the skills they need to be successful in future adult life.

GI Solutions Group have teamed up with Carbon Footprint as part of their carbon management programme and with Tree Appeal, planting native broadleaf trees in schools. GI Solutions Group are sponsoring the planting of 170 trees at the academy demonstrating a commitment to environmental education and their aim of reducing their impact on the natural world. Carbon Footprint help hundreds of companies develop robust carbon and sustainability programmes.

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