Trees sponsored by
Family Investments

In 2015 Family Investments became OneFamily

Planting day at The Science Museum, Swindon

March 2008

1500 trees were planted at the Science Museum, Swindon, sponsored by Family Investments. Most of the saplings were Ash, Oak and Field Maple but there was also a sprinkling of Wild Cherry, Hazel, Silver Birch, Common Alder, Goat Willow, Holly, Guelder Rose, Wayfaring Tree, Spindle, Dog Rose, Dogwood and Crab Apple.

The site, which was formerly RAF Wroughton, is now home to the Science Museum's 'large objects' and provides storage for aircraft, vehicles and industrial equipment, including a printing press which weighs 140 tonnes.

This planting is part of what will eventually be a 30 hectare woodland.