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Trees, schools and the Queen’s spade - Planting at Solihull School

November 2014

Construction company RG Group visited Solihull School as part of their tree planting initiative which will see them plant more than 1800 trees this year, mostly in schools. RG Group are planting these trees to support local communities in line with their environmental plan associated with the construction of a new Sainsbury’s supermarket in Dorridge. As well as the Silver Birches planted at Solihull School there are 80 trees destined for the school’s outward bound centre in Snowdonia. In the afternoon three large oak trees were planted in Dorridge Park sponsored by RG Group.

The day began at Solihull School with the planting of a pair of Silver Birch trees in the school grounds. The planting was attended by pupils and staff as well as representatives of the sponsoring company, RG Group. The spade used in the planting was last used by Her Majesty The Queen to plant a commemorative Black Mulberry tree when she visited the school in 1962. The spade has been a treasured item in the school archive ever since but was brought out for this special occasion.

Solihull School is a leading, co-educational, independent day school. Learning takes place in and out of the classroom, at home and abroad, and staff and pupils are encouraged to balance over 450 years of tradition with innovation and creativity. Assistant Head, Mr Martyn Garner said, “Both Geography and Physics student enjoyed hearing about the careers opportunity open to them in the world of renewable energies and offsetting. Solihull School is proud to be involved in RG Group’s tree planting project to offset against the new store opening in our community”.

Mr Garner also thanked RG Group for their support with the Snowdonia planting; “The 80 trees we are planting as part of this project will enhance the grounds of the School Mountain Cottage and also allow the geography department to measure and research the different growth rates of a particular tree type which is planted at School and in the harsh environment of North Wales”.

Later that day the RG Group planting team travelled to Dorridge Park where three English Oak trees were planted by Councillor Robert Hulland on behalf of Solihull MBC. Over the next few weeks a further 1730 trees will be planted in 15 schools across the wider Birmingham area. The trees are all native British species such as Oak, Beech, Rowan, Silver Birch, Wild Cherry and Hazel, all grown in England from collected seed.

RG Group have teamed up with Carbon Footprint as part of their carbon management programme and with Tree Appeal, planting native broadleaf trees in schools. RG Group are sponsoring the planting of more than 1800 trees in schools throughout the region, demonstrating their commitment to environmental education and their aim of reducing their impact on the natural world. Carbon Footprint help hundreds of companies develop robust carbon and sustainability programmes.

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