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Planting day at St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary, Doncaster

April 2015

Close Brothers Motor Finance has joined forces with St Francis Xavier Primary School in Doncaster to plant 120 trees.

Doncaster-headquartered firm, Close Brothers Motor Finance, has teamed up with St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School to plant more than 100 trees as part of plans to reduce their carbon footprint and encourage young people to support the local environment.

At a ceremony on Thursday, 23rd April, pupils of all ages were given the opportunity to plant their own tree in the school grounds, each tagged with a unique identification code.

James Broadhead, CEO of Close Brothers Motor Finance said: “Together these trees will grow to become an important part of our local landscape, providing a vital habitat for wildlife and enhancing our surroundings for many years to come. “It is a fantastic opportunity for the next generation to learn about sustainability and the impact of CO2 emissions, and we are proud to be a part of it.

“As a motor finance company we work closely with the automotive industry, which is one of the highest producers of carbon emissions, so this is a small step for us to start offsetting our CO2 and to help preserve our community and environment.”

The saplings planted by the pupils have an average lifespan of over 100 years and will absorb carbon dioxide, returning oxygen into the atmosphere. Mr Nicholas Collins, Headteacher at St Francis Xavier Primary said: “Planting these trees has been a wonderful experience for our pupils and it’s given them a practical lesson on the environmental responsibility we all share.

“It’s a lasting legacy for the school and we are all really excited to follow the progress and growth as the plantation develops. It’s also great to see a local company getting involved with the school to give something back, not only to our students but to the wider community.” For more information about Close Brothers Motor Finance please visit

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