Trees sponsored by

Planting day at Titchfield Primary School, Hampshire

May 2012

Titchfield Primary School has been visited by representatives of Havant based company Pfizer to help plant trees in the school grounds. The tree planting is part of a project transforming a field into an outdoor education and wildlife area. The area will be used all year round and includes a heritage timber-framed building. A wild hedgerow will be established including Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Dog Rose, Hazel, Silver Birch and Cherry.

Headteacher Mike Bainbridge said, “We are passionate about outdoor education and maintaining links with our natural world. We are very grateful to Pfizer for donating so many trees so that we can establish a wildlife hedge. The children are planting a tree each which will be a lasting link between them and our school.”

One of the children in Year 6 said, “This is just like bringing Nethercott to our school. It's cool!”, referring to the Farms for City Children residential week in Devon.

Pfizer have now planted over 1000 trees in schools, demonstrating their commitment to environmental education and their aim of reducing their impact on the natural world.

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