Trees sponsored by
Newform Energy

Planting day at Toft Hill Primary School, County Durham

September 2010

Newform Energy sponsored fifty broad leaved trees for Toft Hill Primary School and went along to join in the planting in September 2010. The school chose to plant the majority of their trees in a local community nature site, but reserved a space in their beautiful rural grounds for five silver birch trees.

The pupils joined the teams from Newform Energy and Tree Appeal to listen to an assembly given by Tree Appeal’s patron, Professor David Bellamy. Professor Bellamy explained the many uses of trees and the wonderful species of wildlife they attract.

Year 3 then went outside to get involved in the planting and divided into small groups, each taking ownership of one of the trees. Three of the saplings joined the existing trees along the border of the large playing fields, with a further two sitting next to the school’s summerhouses, which are used as an outdoor learning environment, complete with a wood burning stove.

Once the trees were planted, the group joined hands and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to the new trees, which they will continue to look after as they grow.

The team from Newform Energy were thrilled to attend the planting and would like to extend a warm thank you to the school for their hospitality.

Company director, Marc Borley, said “Trees are nature’s original solar panel, so planting them is the perfect fit for our business. It’s fantastic to see that our sponsored trees have received such a good home. We look forward to revisiting the planting site as the trees grow and we know that they’ll be well looked after by the children.”

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