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CSL Seqirusc planting day at Wepre ParkPlanting day at Wepre Park, Connah's Quay with CSL Seqirus

April 2023

“I work in the logistics function where we are very conscious, with our shipments all around the world, just how much carbon dioxide we are responsible for emitting. So tjhis is one of our first initiatives to look at how we can improve our footprint by actively getting involved planting trees. We have sponsored some 4000 trees as an intial project. we plan to sponsor a lot more tree planting initiatives around the UK.”
- Paul Wolstencroft - Global Logistics, CSL Seqirus

Wepre Park hosted a team from CSL Seqirus – one of the world’s largest influenza vaccine companies – to help plant broad leaf trees to create a new native hedgerow. Together with Countryside Rangers and staff, the CSL Seqirus team planted 160 saplings to create wildlife habitats and encourage biodiversity.

“What a fantastic day we've had. Bringing so many teams together; Supply Chain QA, Logistics, Customer Service, Commercial, Warehouse, Supply Chain and Projects, has been absolutely amazing. It's been an incredible planting event and what we've done today has not only built us as a team but has done some good for the environment.”
- Kieran Dowling - Global Logistics, CSL Seqirus

The trees were all native British species, grown in the UK and included Hawthorn and Wild Cherry. These new saplings will provide a perfect habitat for wildlife, promoting biodiversity and preserving the natural environment. The CSL Seqirus volunteers gained hands-on experience of how trees are planted and learned how important trees are to the world in which we live.

“Working in Global Logistics we ship thousands of shipments a year. To be able to offset our carbon footprint has been a fantastic opportunity for us today. We've enjoyed some great team building, we've planted hundreds of trees and as part of our bigger project we're going to be planting 4000. To get some other teams here with us today has been part of our bigger collaboration and we've really enjoyed it. We look forward to some more!”
- Global Logistics, CSL Seqirus

CSL Seqirus has teamed up with Carbon Footprint as part of their carbon management programme and with Tree Appeal, planting more than 4000 native broadleaf trees across the country this year.  

“I work in Supply Chain QA and normally I'd be sat behind a desk but today I've had the opportunity to come to Wepre Park with a cross-functional team. We've planted 160 bare root trees today including Wild Cherry and Hawthorn. We've got our hands dirty. It's been great to physically plant them in the soil and see the initiative come to life and with the weather in our favour it's been a really great day!”
- Supply Chain QA, CSL Seqirus

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