Trees sponsored by
Family Investments

In 2015 Family Investments became OneFamily

Planting day at West London Academy with Family Investments

November 2009

Family Investments is a friendly society that specialises in the family savings and investment market. Their Ethical Child Trust Fund is the only actively managed ethical stakeholder Child Trust Fund account currently available in the market (as at December 2007). A tree is planted for every Ethical Child Trust Fund that is taken out. In November 2009 some of these trees were planted at West London Academy

As patron of Tree Appeal and life-long campaigner for the environment, David Bellamy joined the Greenford school to celebrate those parents who chose to have a tree planted when they opened their child’s ethical CTF.

By planting the trees, the children will learn that similar to saving money, making small changes to your everyday lifestyle can have a measurable, long-term impact.