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Planting day at YGG Llwynderw, Swansea

April 2008

The pupils of Llwynderw School will one day have a multi-million pound, brand new campus at West Cross but for now they are making the most of their current grounds by creating a garden, complete with a lovely new cherry tree planted by David Bellamy.

The new tree is part of an ongoing commitment by Welsh building society Principality, in partnership with Tree Appeal, to support learning and the environment in schools.

Children from years three and four helped Professor Bellamy to plant the tree. Sam, who helped to record the height of the new tree before it starts to grow said, ‘I enjoyed taking the measurements of the cherry tree and I thought David was really good.’

Teacher Matthew Robbins said, ‘The children responded really well to Professor Bellamy even though they’re very young and have never seen him on television. He was so enthusiastic and the children fed off his enthusiasm and they had a great time.

‘It’s great that big companies like Principality are prepared to sponsor opportunities like this for children and that they’re prepared to get involved because it’s important for children to get that enthusiasm for the environment, and to learn about looking after the world we live in.’

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