Trees sponsored by
Brecks of York

Planting day at Askham Bryan College, York

October 2007

Professor David Bellamy came to Askham Bryan College to plant some trees, with the help of children from schools in the York area. The trees were donated by Brecks of York.

Principal of Askham Bryan College Liz Philip says: "We are committed to playing an active part in promoting the benefits of biodiversity in all aspects of our work. We are delighted that we are able to play a part in this tree planting project and it was wonderful to see everyone involved having so much fun whilst learning about the huge contribution trees make to the wellbeing of our world."

Pupils came from Westfield Primary Community School, St Wilfrid’s Primary School and Askham Bryan Child Care Centre to help David plant the first of 1500 trees being established at the College as part of new environmental initiative.

Stewart Ward, Horticulture Unit Manager at Askham Bryan College said, "The Tree Appeal initiative is about enhancing our environment through the positive benefits trees bring to biodiversity and sustainability, as well as the equally important aspect of educating our children on the enormous role trees have to play in the wellbeing of the planet.

"David Bellamy’s visit has been truly inspirational for the children and they have been thrilled to talk to him and join him in some dancing to celebrate the arrival of the new trees which he has explained will help to ‘stitch our world back together’.

"The trees we have planted today are the first hundred of around 1500 broad-leaved native trees which will be tended by the College until they are established. They will then be made available to schools and other local organisations where they will be replanted to help make a greener world and a better life for everyone. We are delighted that the College has been able to be involved in this wonderful project."

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