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Planting day at Wooscombe Wood, Compton Dando in the Forest of Avon

May 2007 sponsored the planting of trees in the Forest of Avon. The site is at Wooscombe Wood near Compton Dando. Wooscombe Wood was planted in 1993 by a local farmer. This new broadleaf woodland of some 40 hectares is one of the largest new woodlands in the Forest of Avon. The woodland is now well established and offers superb panoramic views of the Chew Valley and the NE Somerset countryside.

The site also has a number of older woodlands within the new planting. The wood has full public access and a number of public footpaths cross the site.

You can get to Wooscombe Wood from Slate Lane in Compton Dando. There is a small car parking area on Slate Lane. Alternatively, the site can be accessed via a number of public footpaths.

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