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Gift Republic - Dedicate a Tree

Dedicate a Tree

The Dedicate A Tree gift box is available through many retail outlets in the high street and online.

There are easy to follow gift registration instructions enclosed in your gift box. Once you have registered your gift you will receive a certificate displaying your name and confirming your tree dedication details.

Innovative company Gift Republic specialise in offering unique gift ideas and, in 2006, teamed up with Tree Appeal to form their very special ‘Dedicate a Tree’ package. 

Amanda Birt, Product Developer at Gift Republic explains, “Gift Republic supports Tree Appeal because we are committed to promoting conservation – both at home and abroad. Support is offered via our unique gift ‘Dedicate a Tree’. Upon registering the gift, recipients have a British broad-leafed tree dedicated to them and planted on their behalf – benefiting the environment and helping to conserve the British countryside for future generations to enjoy. Proceeds from every gift registered are donated directly to Tree Appeal.”

Since the partnership began, Tree Appeal has planted over 10,000 trees on behalf of Gift Republic and their customers.  When a ‘Dedicate a Tree’ gift tin is purchased, the customer is invited to register their tree and receive a commemorative certificate.

Trees sponsored by Gift Republic are planted by Tree Appeal in various locations across the country, often in sites which are set aside for biodiversity activity, where they can live a long life and encourage wildlife to thrive.  Many more of Gift Republic’s trees are planted in the grounds of UK schools, which is without doubt the most rewarding home they could receive.  Trees act as a fantastic learning resource for the next generation, allowing schools to create outdoor classrooms and give their pupils a fun and interactive way to explore the natural world.

In sponsoring trees to be planted in school grounds, Gift Republic and their customers are making a tangible difference to environmental education and know that each individual tree is doing something incredibly important for the duration of its extended life.