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Planting day at West London Academy with Gift Republic

June 2010

On a sunny day in June, representatives from Gift Republic came along to a Tree Appeal planting event, along with Professor David Bellamy, to see for themselves what a worthwhile contribution their ‘Dedicate a Tree’ saplings make in their new homes.

The planting took place at West London Academy in Northolt, where five feature trees were planted in the school’s outdoor learning environment, Academy Fields.

The site is set in over five acres of land, which has already undergone an extensive programme of tree planting and includes a large pond and a weather station. There are also two covered outdoor classrooms, with seating for sixty students. The location sits adjacent to the busy A40, but whilst walking around, it would be hard to feel further away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Environmental education is an essential part of the West London Academy’s curriculum. Many of their students live in the city centre and have limited access to gardens or other wildlife habitats. The school are committed to developing this safe haven for their pupils to explore the natural world and experience a hands-on approach to learning about the environment.

After a tour of the stunning grounds, Gift Republic joined the staff and students of the academy to get stuck into the planting and an enjoyable day was had by all!

Amanda Birt, who was one of the Gift Republic representatives to come along, said, “The event was a great chance to visit one of Tree Appeal’s planting sites. The academy’s plans for the future are really impressive and will help to achieve a greener environment for us all. Planting trees with David Bellamy and the school children was great fun too! David’s enthusiasm for Tree Appeal – and trees – is infectious! Thanks to everyone who helped to organise the day!”

Following the planting, Tree Appeal were proud to present Gift Republic with an official planting certificate, congratulating them on their total number of trees planted to date. Over the last four years, the trees planted through Gift Republic have made a significant contribution to our valuable biodiversity and Tree Appeal hopes that the partnership will continue long into the future.

Every time a ‘Dedicate a Tree’ gift is purchased, Gift Republic customers aren’t just planting a tree, but are making a dedication to nature that will endure for many hundreds of years.

Professor Bellamy and Tree Appeal extend a warm thank you to all individuals who have dedicated a tree, helping us to create a greener world and a better life for all.

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