Trees sponsored by
Kent Services

Planting day at West Park AcademyPlanting day at West Park Academy, Darlington with Kent Services

May 2017

West Park Academy in Darlington was visited by the Tree Appeal team and Kathy Amey of Kent Services to help the pupils and staff plant trees in the school grounds. The trees were all native British species such as Hawthorn, Oak, Beech, Rowan, Downy Birch and Crab Apple, all grown in England from collected seed.

The children gained hands-on experience of how trees are planted and learnt how important trees are to the world in which we live. The new saplings will provide a perfect habitat for wildlife, promoting biodiversity and preserving the natural environment.

Kent Services has a long-held philosophy of providing economical and sustainable products and is committed to working for the long-term protection of the environment. The business has supported environmental projects in dozens of schools, creating wildlife habitats and promoting biodiversity, as well as providing outdoor learning resources for the pupils.

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