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Kent Services

Since becoming a Corporate Partner of Tree Appeal in 2009, Kent Services have been able to donate over 1200 broad leaf trees on behalf of our customers as part of our successful tree-planting programme, supporting environmental projects in dozens of schools, creating wildlife habitats and promoting biodiversity, as well as providing outdoor learning resources for the pupils.

Our most recent efforts, in the 2017/2018 season have seen more than 300 trees planted in schools across the country. Locations have included Edinburgh, Oxford, London, York and Manchester.

Kent Services has a long-held philosophy of providing economical and sustainable products and is committed to working for the long-term protection of the environment. At the heart of our business is, our Container Leasing Service, which offers ready access to museum standard containers, designed and manufactured to be re-usable, using durable materials - reducing the need for repetitive manufacture and the resultant waste of valuable resources - and reducing the requirement for new softwood and hardwood.

Becoming a corporate partner of Tree Appeal enables us to re-enforce our commitment to the environment by contributing to tree planting schemes. Some of the projects we have contributed to include the following schools:

Helmdon Acorns Pre-School, Helmdon in Northamptonshire Saplings of native hedging and Hornbeam created new habitat potential around Helmdon Acorn's new building. This was a planned contribution towards the Northamptonshire Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP).

St James Church of England Primary in Oldbury, West Midlands A new Forest School project designed to promote outdoor learning opportunities in an urban setting.

Ashford Park Primary in Middlesex Part of the development of an outdoor 'reflection and learning' area providing education right across the curriculum.

Cavendish High School, Runcorn in Cheshire The planting of a small wooded area to provide a natural barrier on a steep hill at the side of the school field.

Laches Wood Outdoor Education Centre near Wolverhampton A tree planting project undertaken by a group of disabled students as part of their work towards the John Muir award.

In 2009 - to mark 21 years of successful trading we donated a large number of trees in the name of our customers. We have specifically chosen to support the Appeal’s ‘Trees for Schools’ initiative and all the broad leaf trees planted are contributing to important environmental projects in 3 Primary schools:

Timberley Primary School, Birmingham Our trees will be part of a wonderful project to create a wildlife area for the pupils contributing to the teaching of the science curriculum at the school and helping the children in their appreciation of the environment.  

Farleigh School, Hants: Farleigh School have used their trees to supplement mature woodlands on their grounds, keeping the habitat healthy with a mixture of old and young trees. The trees have been planted adjacent to the sports field, where they will be enjoyed by the school children and local community for years to come.

Woodfall Primary School, Merseyside: The trees sponsored at this school have been planted around the perimeter of the grounds by the children themselves, as part of their Eco Club and curriculum activities. The trees will provide shade in the years to come and provide habitat for mini beast investigations. 

All our trees are planted as part of our carbon-offsetting programme, to offset the unavoidable carbon for our business.

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